Rock / Thrash / Heavy Metal & Other Patches

Are you on the hunt for patches of high quality? In Oldowlembr you’ll find anything you need and even more. This store has a large choice of flawless craft items, produced in various sizes and designs.

Patches for true rockers

If you have a heart for hard rock music, you may also like to decorate your clothes with logos of favorite bands. Fortunately, Oldowlembr offers a great variety of goods. So, there are many heavy metal band patches with logos of popular performers.

If you’re fond of another subgenre, you’ll also find something interesting. In such a way, this store has got many rock and roll patches for clothes. For fans of hard music there are also prepared goodies. So, it’s possible to get thrash patches of premium quality. Maybe, you’re fond of American music? Then you would probably like to order a Slayer patch.

Custom rock band patches

There’s nothing to worry about if you haven’t found anything to suit your taste. It’s always possible to order custom patches with unique designs. So, here everything depends on your imagination. For example, you may think up a new design of Slayer patch and order it.

Choosing custom craft items befits those people that desire to get something unique. Also, it’s a good decision for brands’ founders, musicians and artists. Getting a patch with your own logo makes it more identifiable.

Premium quality

Rock band patches from the Oldowlembr store stand out for high quality. They are produced on thick coating fabric that is hard to rip apart. Either adhesive backing or Velcro aren’t used, every patch should be sewn to clothes. So, it provides ruggedness of every item.

You will never get a patch with broken warp thread because every piece is carefully embroidered. Items have got many conspicuous details of various colors.

Why Oldowlembr?

Still don’t know why it’s better to order from this store and not from popular marketplaces? These are the main advantages:

  • -You order patch directly from the manufacturer: it means that there are no intermediators and overpayments;
  • -There’s big variety of goods: you’ll be able to find patches even with logos of unpopular performers;
  • -Detailed care instructions are provided;
  • -It’s possible to order custom patch in a single version;
  • -Premium quality and high durability of every item are provided.

Decorate your clothes, bags and caps with items from the Oldowlembr store and stand out of the rest.