Big Back Patch Black / Death Metal & Other

Big back patches make vests look unique and emphasize individuality of any person. In Oldowlembr there is presented a wide array of craft items in various designs, colors and sizes. In addition to it, it’s possible to order a custom patch that will fit your taste.

Back patches with popular death metal performers

Craft items with logos of world-famous bands are all the rage. So, in Oldowlembr you can choose an impressive patch death metal. Now you don’t have to tell anyone about your musical preferences, your clothes will do this.

Are you fond of hard Norwegian music? Then you would probably like back Burzum patch. Maybe, German death metal is closer to you? No worries, back Nargaroth patch is also available. Prefer something more exotic and unusual? Then you may order a back Forgotten Tomb patch.

Need a special big back patch?

Even if you don’t find something you need, don’t get disappointed. It’s possible to order a special patch with the logo of your favorite band, some picture from the Internet or even with design, developed on your own.

So, you will be able to get a unique craft item, produced in a single copy. Or, on the contrary, it’s possible to order several patches in special design and distribute them to friends. Also, it’s a great decision to get goods from Oldowlembr if you have your own brand. Just imagine: all the employees wear vests, T-shirts or jackets with stylish patches.

High quality of craft items

All back patches, presented in the store, are made of thick thread and tough tissue base. Velcro and adhesive backside aren’t used, and all the craft items should be sewed on. It provides absolute fitting, and excludes missing patches.

Embroidery is notable for its high quality and durability, so it won’t lose original appearance and will gratify you for a long time. There’s no space between stitches, and there’s no loose thread. All the details are clear in outline, and may be seen from a distance.

Why do people choose Oldowlembr?

Still don’t know whether you would like to order from this store? So, there are some benefits of buying patches in Oldowlembr:

  • -Own production: every patch is made quiveringly by rule and line;
  • -There are no intermediaries, so you don’t pay the extra money;
  • -Product care instructions are provided;
  • -It’s possible to order a custom patch;
  • -There's a great variety of thread colors.

Order flawless patches from the Oldowlembr store to improve your style, become more noticeable, hip and edgy.