Black / Death Metal & Other Patches

Are you really fond of death metal? Then you would probably like to decorate your clothes with outstanding patches. In the Oldowlembr store there are many handiworks to suit any taste. They are made in various colors and sizes, and have diverse designs, so you will definitely find something interesting.

Craft items for those who like death metal

If you’re looking for handiworks with logos of death metal bands, you’re on the right page. Using items from Oldowlembr, you’ll be able to create your own metal patch jacket. In this online store there are many handiworks with logos of either world-famous bands or less known performers.

For big fans of Swedish extreme metal, there have been created Dissection patch and Bloodbath patch. If you like American music more, you also won’t go ungifted away. In the Oldowlembr store are offered detailed After the Burial patch and Possessed patch.

Various handicrafts are available

Have looked through many stores with patches and haven’t found anything worthy? Don’t be afraid: Oldowlembr offers a big variety of goods. Patches are available not only in black, white and red, but also in blue, gold, silver, green and many other colors.

Even if you haven’t seen necessary patches, don’t leave the page because it’s possible to order a unique item. It may be a big death metal patch or a small handiwork with your favorite character from the cartoon or film, for example. In addition to it, ordering patches in unique design may be a great decision for businessmen who desire to make their logo more cognizable.

Perfect quality of handiworks

All patches are made carefully, and it excludes risks of defects’ appearing. Every stitch is close to another that’s why there are no spaces between them. It’s necessary to note that all patches are made on a thick base.

Velcro and any adhesive substances are not used. Every patch should be sewed to clothes, so it provides excellent fit. You won’t lose your patch at the concert or some other event.

Reasons for choosing Oldowlembr

Haven’t yet made up your mind to order from the store? Then you should know about meaningful advantages of dealing with Oldowlembr:

  • -High quality of production;
  • -Availability of great variety of items;
  • -Possibility to order custom patches;
  • -Absence of intermediators.

Order detailed patches of high quality from the Oldowlembr store and make your look even more unique and eye-catching.